House Plans

Designing a home involves thousands of decisions that will ultimately make a home that should last a hundred years or more. Making those decisions as a first-time builder can be completely overwhelming. While there are thousands of house plans online, it is hard to choose which one fits the needs of your family, your space, and your environment the best.

Burnett Construction owner Thomas Jenkins includes custom house plans for every client. We also offer stand-alone house plans if you just need a little guidance. Contact Burnett Construction today to discuss your house plan.

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Home Design 101

Here are a few basic questions you should ask yourself when creating or choosing a house plan.  As professional designers, we can help you work around any heirloom pieces or special property that you’re planning to keep forever.

Step 1

What Are The Top Priorities?

Existing house plans are a great jumping-off point, but you want to focus on your family’s specific needs with a custom build or remodel.

If you homeschool, we’ll need to find a schoolwork area. If you host your family for the holidays, you may need a big kitchen or guest rooms. Aging parents may mean you want to build in a mother-in-law suite.

Make a list of your top priorities in the home, and we’ll help you create the space.

Step 2

Make Spacial Decisions

You only have so many square feet in your home. If a big pantry, oversized closets, and big bedrooms are all important to you, we need to nail down exactly what percentage of your square footage you’re willing to spend on those things.

Step 3

Choose a Style

A farmhouse can be laid out very differently than a tudor. Knowing the overall style of the home you’re designing allows you to add unique customized elements that will work with the overall look of the house.

Step 4

Consider Your Furniture

If you have a huge buffet from your great-great-grandma that you want to put in the dining room, now’s the time to make sure the only wall long enough to hold the buffet doesn’t have lots of doors.