Our team commits to


Here’s how we’ll make your remodel easier.

We can design your floor plan.

Owner Thomas Jenkins can draft a plan to your exact specifications.

We know what permits you need for your build, remodel, or expansion.

Whether it’s a permit for the homeowner’s association or a soil test before laying the foundation, we can guide you through the paperwork.

We are your main point of contact.

If you handle your own remodel or addition, you’ll probably subcontract electrical, plumbing, and more. You are then responsible for managing many contacts and scheduling services.

When you build with Burnett Construction, it’s easy to know who to call. For any question or concern, you’ll have one person with whom to communicate.

We’ll give you a realistic timeline and budget.

Many builders will agree to whatever timeline the homeowner asks for, knowing they will probably wrap up later than that date or exceed the budget.

We value honesty and transparency, and we’ll always tell you how long we really think your remodel or build will take and how much it should cost.

At times, issues can arise during the construction process that no one foresees. We always do our best to help our homeowners maintain realistic expectations while striving to stay on time and under budget.

You’ll receive a copy of every ticket, receipt, and invoice.

You never have to guess where your money is going. From the initial budget meeting to the final inspection, you can expect complete transparency about the financials of your remodel or addition.

We can foresee delays.

Someone with less experience or attempting a DIY remodel should consider that after hundreds of builds and remodels, we can usually spot a roadblock long before it happens.

Whether it’s a paperwork or permit issue, delivery issues, or weather concerns, we know how to work around these problems quickly.

Steps to Your Custom Redesign


A Burnett Construction consultant can meet with you at your home to assess the project you desire.


We can draft your custom design plan or review one that you already have.


The bid process begins for any subcontracting you may need.


We’ll have a homeowner’s meeting to review bids line by line, make adjustments, and sign contracts when ready to begin your project.


We’ll help you obtain any necessary permits for your project.


Together we’ll prepare your land and begin construction